First phase logo

The foundation’s graphic profile should be reviewed as activities increase. The current website exists primarily to get the foundation established, but a somewhat more professional-looking logo was needed to create focus. Here are a couple of candidates from the last days’ creative evening sessions, of which the “flower power” variant did’t quite make it to …

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Auditor and accounting system is chosen

Foundations are imposed statutory audits. We are pleased to announce that Partner Revisjon AS is ready to take this responsibility for a reasonable price, as a contribution to the ideal purpose of this initiative. We are grateful for this. They are also familiar with the Tripletex accounting system, which Bi-O AS uses, and Bi-O will …

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The project’s choice of terms

So far, Bi-Os’ work with KVANN’s solution, which is only made for plants, has laid a foundation which the project can build upon. But this must change now, not least because the project must include all life forms (animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms) and because it must take into account a broader target group, but …

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Data terms (fields)

The datasets are simply explained tables where one axis consists of organisms or groups of organisms and the other of a set of properties and relevant data that describe the organisms. There are standards for such data to enable data exchange. Darwin Core is a standard maintained by Darwin Core maintenance team. It contains a …

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Reference group in place

We are pleased to announce that we have already established the start of a very competent reference group that quickly contributes important info and contacts to the project . Presentation of the members here.